Nils Landgren

Swedish trombonist who brings the funk and plays with the best of the best. He also recorded an album with his Funk Unit as a project to help raise money for kids and adults alike in refugee camps to get fed and to bring the joy of music to their lives. This is a video with Roy Hargrove who kills it.


Stereo.type – Typographic Ballet

This work (called Stereo.type) is a synthesis of our typographic language with the physical expression of our body language. These kinetic structures make the viewer listen with their eyes… or how can we make sound and its symbols found in language able to be heard visually. How can we unlock the sleeping meaning latent in a authors arrangement of letters and words to be free and as expressive as its content. When words come alive it will not be quiet. Some may yell or whisper, but they all are saying something.

HBTV: MADE – Typographic Ballet featuring Ebon Heath & Talib Kweli from HBTV on Vimeo.

All of Ebon Heath’s work can be found at

Brooklyn Circus

Just found this shop through another blog and was immediately inspired. Ouigi Theodore, graphic designer by trade, started this vintage with a modern twist retail clothing shop in Brooklyn, NY and now as other flagships in Chicago and San Francisco. First appreciating the design, I discovered that this whole shop and idea is worth appreciating. Here’s what Ouigi Theodore himself says about it:

Here is a link to the shop:

Georgia Anne Muldrow – Neo Soul

As a Erykah Badu fan, I happened to run into this lady Georgia Anne Muldrow, also making music under the names of Pattie Blingh and the Akebulan Five, Jyoti, From LA with Love, and G&D. What first caught me was the music behind the vocals as is usually the case with Neo Soul music. So naturally I thought she hired studio musicians to help record and produce the tracks but that isn’t the case. The unique thing about Muldrow is that she is known for playing ALL the instruments on her tracks; bass lines, drums, piano, beats.. all of it. That’s why she is getting a post of a her title track “King’s Ballad”, a tribute to MJ.

Quantum Activism

I recently watched a documentary called “The Quantum Activist” feat. Amit Goswami and the ideas of non-local consciousness and how it can change the world. It sounds like it is at some incomprehensible academia level but its not. His ideas are genuine and make a lot of sense. The idea of non-local consciousness is about the merging of science and spirituality, backed with validating experimental data, and our how existence is navigated by our consciousness alone and that our consciousness is not only our own but connected with everyone. I highly recommend delving into this concept if you find any point of interest and a good place to start would be this documentary.

The Quantum Activist : Dr. Amit Goswami Movie Trailer from BlueDot Productions on Vimeo.

Tedeschi Trucks Band! WTF

Alright so if you don’t know who Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks are then I don’t know what you are doing with your life. Both have had very successful musical careers on their own and ever since they started playing together you could hear a seamless match between the two. Well, now they are married, and formed the Tedeschi Trucks Band, WHICH IS RIDICULOUS! I’ve seen them play together before but not with the total musicians they put together for this band. This is a serious lineup and I am betting that the music will be the evidence.